Huma Rosentalski
Huma Rosentalski does not simply capture, he transcribes – with rigor, precision and great delicacy.
Rosentalski’s work strikes a permanent balance between poetry and reality, always with the subject at the very center. A truth whether obvious, or a quality, or a particularity, it is there, unequivocal. The surroundings become a frame that accompanies this essential element to bring it into focus.
Rosentalski photographs sex, houses, Eva Herzigova, football fans and philosophers in exactly the same way: without false modesty and with a sincere and elegant lighting. He stages intimate scenes with great efficiency and subtlety, creating casualness that forms a bridge between his subjects and the audience.
Rosentalski’s works are published by Elle, Marie Claire, Jalouse, Officiel, as well as the Sunday Times and the Guardian. He has also shot campaigns for Vanessa Bruno and Kitsuné; studies for Martin Margiela and colors for Paul Smith. He has done commissioned portraits for M, le Monde and for the Bastille theatre.

Rosentalski moves between Paris and Berlin.